Branding helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. It can include: your logo, book covers, the color scheme you use, your distinctive style of writing or speaking, and your academic qualifications, as well as your picture and you tag line (e.g. Jane Doe, the love Doctor) All of these elements together constitute a recognizable brand that makes you memorable and builds credibility as part of your author platform.

Your reputation
      Your author reputation refers to how well known you are known, what you are known for, and how credible you are. Part of that reputation may include a degree, special training, extensive experience  or professional certification in your area of expertise. You may have won awards, had media experience or written and published articles. Leadership positions, speaking engagements and interviews will also help to get you recognized, as will reaching out on the Internet through blogging and social networking.

      If you've written other books, people need to know about it. Promote your books on your blog, get them reviewed, guest post and link from other sites to your blog. Boost your author reputation and expert status by increasing the number of people you are trying reach. Find ways to highlight your credentials in your marketing materials and on line. The Internet is an important vehicle...learn how to use it to your advantage.

      Nonfiction authors can gain a reputation as experts through writing books and articles, speaking and teaching, and appearing on talk shows. Being quoted in other people's articles, and writing the foreword for other books may bring attention to you. Fiction authors can become known for their writing style and expertise in writing in a specific genre (children's, sci-fi, romance, or mystery) or for their niche within a particular genre (vampire stories, romantic adventure). Finally, testimonials and endorsements from celebrities and experts can add credibility no matter the genre in which you write..

      You need to be to connected if your are going to market your book successfully. If yo have not already done so, begin by developing a contact data base of clients, prospects, colleagues, friends and family. You may, through your business or through socializing, be able to develop lists of people who've given you permission to contact them. If you know any celebrities or know someone who knows a celebrity they can help you spread the word about you forthcoming book.

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