Saturday, November 26, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, family, and followers. This year I spent the day with my youngest daughter and son-in-law.....oh, and Ginge the cat. My daughter has been a wonderful cook for quite a while.  Now, she's turning out to be a fantastic baker. She made an amazing pie for thanksgiving dessert,  Apple, with a Cranberry layer on the bottom, It was so good. And I was so happy when she gave me a couple of pieces to take home. I have a terrible sweet-tooth, and although the home-made baked goods she frequently sends home with me come with warnings, I manage to rationalize the sugary carbs into my diet.

Edinburgh restaurant
Kim and John spent two weeks in Scotland just before Thanksgiving.  It's John's home, but Kim had never been there before. She was impressed by all the history throughout her many sightseeing tours, as well as with husband's friends and family (now hers), most of whom she'd never met before. "They were so friendly and welcoming," she said.

I am glad she got to go on such a wonderful trip. I think it's important for all of us to travel to other parts of the world and meet people who speak other languages and have customs other than our own. When I was teaching, I did extensive traveling in Europe, Mexico, Africa, and Central America. It taught me a lot about acceptance and differences. Every trip increased my understanding and enjoyment. I was very fortunate to have the summers off. I
have to say some of those summers were spent traveling in the states, which also added to my learning curve.

I have never been to Scotland so I was happy Kim took tons of pictures, but I have been to the Netherlands a couple of times, Amsterdam, Maastritch, Ephraim, and other places. I remember all the bicycles (Kim commented on) and the many bicycle fun.

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