Thursday, June 7, 2018

Refreshing your Writing Energy

Emily Dickenson -
Photo believed to have been taken in 1859
One way of getting one's self excited about writing again is to re-visit something you've learned in the past (things change) or learn something new about it, or a new way of looking at it. Perspectives are always changing and new information is continually available to us. 

I've done just that this week. I was working on my third book when I took a break to watch a TV series I hadn't seen. It sparked my interest in writing good scenes again, and it plugged into my continuing interest in creative non-fiction, which is my genre of choice (for many reasons).

I am re-reading two good books on the subject (Tell it Slant and The Memoir Project) and thinking a lot about Emily Dickenson's poem about telling the truth (Tell it slant, she says). Of course, I had to stop and read some of her other wonderful poetry. But, refreshing what I know about these writerly things has given me new energy which can be put into the new book I am writing.

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