Saturday, January 7, 2017


#3 Maggie

Maggie look-alike
I met Maggie when we were both teaching in the same high school. She was in English and I was in music. We became friends of sort. Our relationship constantly vacillated between hot and cold. And when it was cold, it was very cold. We had even spent long periods of time not speaking.

The biggest difference between the two of us was that I was a workaholic and she was pretty lazy. And we definitely had different body clocks—a real problem when we traveled together. I’d be up at dawn, raring to go, and she’d still be sleeping at lunchtime.

We’d both hated having to kowtow to the administration in our high schools when we were teachers. Maggie had always been the first one on the picket line whenever we went on strike. I’d belonged to the union too, but hadn’t been nearly as involved or vocal as she was.

Despite all our traveling together, the friendship was never really satisfying for me. Why did I stay in it? Two of the major reasons were that we were both single and able to get away any time we wanted, so I always had a traveling buddy, and for the most part we liked to do the same things. But Maggie was never emotionally supportive of me, and our personalities were so different. In a way, we were like night and day.

We were both sensitive, but unlike Maggie, I wore my heart on my sleeve, and liked to analyze and talk about feelings, behavior, and relationships. I was pretty uninhibited and somewhat impulsive, while she was a little uptight, and concerned more with appearances. She had trouble expressing emotions and feelings and kept everything inside—the opposite of me.

She was also always late, whereas I was always on time; she forgot birthdays, which I never did; and she rarely, if ever, did anything special for anyone—and if she did it was as an afterthought. While I would try to think of things to give her that I knew she would like, she would give me a T-shirt she’d gotten in return for donating to a festival or something. It wouldn’t even be the right size.

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