Saturday, February 25, 2017

MEET THE CHARACTERS IN MY MEMOIR: (all names have been changed)

#8 Allison (asst. innkeeper/chef)

Allison (whom I called Alli) came to work for me around five years after I was in business. She loved to bake and made the most wonderful cookies and muffins. She had been taking classes at Sullivan
Culinary Arts school for over a year when I hired her. Most students graduated within a couple of years but she had a double major in Savory and Pastry chefing which would keep her there closer to three years. I was pretty happy about that because she’d stay with me a little longer than most students.

Besides being great in the kitchen, she also was good at housekeeping and laundry. However, as time went on, she started slipping a bit with coming to work on time, etc. But I overlooked it because she was so good at so many other things and a big help to me. I could leave her alone and go away for the week-end and everything was still in great shape when I returned. And I trusted her. She stayed with me around four years, then graduated and left to get a full time job as a chef.

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