Thursday, February 16, 2017

THESE ARE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS IN MY LATEST BOOK (most of whom came in and out of my life over the 20 years I was an innkeeper. Their names have been changed)

#7 Donna (innkeeper)

Donna was another innkeeper. She and her husband moved from Alaska to Louisville right after I did.
They bought and opened a bed and breakfast four blocks from me. I liked her the minute I met her, and we became close friends, shopping for stuff for our inns, decorating, and collecting and exchanging recipes. She also joined the Louisville Bed and Breakfast Association (LBBA),which by this time had around six members. 

 Donna had been an innkeeper for years and was very helpful. We ended up shopping and having lunch together frequently, discussing the problems Old Louisville was having re-gentrifying, our occupancy rates, our dogs, and her personal life. Her marriage was not the happiest.

She was a great innkeeper and built up her business quickly. Her style of decorating and cooking was much different from mine, but we found a lot to like about each other. She was very attractive and quite a bit younger than I, but we got along quite well.  We stayed good friends until she and her husband moved away around ten years before I did. Unhappily married, she divorced a few years later.

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