Friday, February 2, 2018


I was recently asked what bloggers can do to attract readers to their blogs. I cameup with the following, based mostly on my experience over the past three or fouryears that I've been blogging. I'm sure there are many more tips that work well. Bloggers need to be creative with the way they market their blog and keep an eye and ear open to ideas from other successful bloggers

One of the best things anyone can do is to post frequently and regularly. I'm not good at that, because I have 5 blogs (which might have been a mistake to begin with, especially after emersing myself in a novel length memoir.) But I try to post interesting material, let people know about it, put links on all the social networking sites, and make comments on other blogs (Very Important!).

I also add pictures and videos, use SEO and tags, join groups, events, blog hops, etc., and interact with other bloggers. Having guest bloggers, doing author and book reviews, and interviews is also helpful. You can pick up new followers from those who follow other authors and bloggers.

I have an on-line friend, Brenda, who is very good at attracting attention to her blog. Among other things, she posts intriguing remarks to pique interest, comes up with clever events and questions for feedback, and writes well. Another excellent blogger is Kelly who spends valuable time on line interacting on a personal level within the social community and supporting other writers and bloggers. This will help to build her platform.

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