Tuesday, January 31, 2017


#5 Pearl

 Pearl only worked for me for a few months. She was a good worker, but strictly on her own terms.

She was a very thin little black woman who had finally dried out after years of abusing drugs and alcohol. I soon realized she was passive-aggressive and wasn’t fond of white people.

She was in her sixties and forced to do housekeeping to earn a living—something that engendered a lot of anger in her, especially toward the people she worked for, unless they continually placated her and sympathized with her plight.

Pearl was delighted when I hired Quinton, and she immediately took him under her wing. She babied him and rolled her eyes in disgust at me whenever I asked him to take on a difficult task. She began telling me how to treat Quinton, and pretty soon her advice smacked of telling me how I should run my business. She constantly reminded me of the things I was doing she didn’t like; she rolled her eyes, made faces at me, came to work late, ate food while she was working, and sometimes refused to answer me. It soon created so many problems that I had to let her go.

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