Wednesday, February 1, 2017

THE CHARACTERS IN MY BOOK: Brief explanation

I decided to introduce the characters in my book to my readers based on feedback and questions I kept getting from them. As I began adding them to my blog, I realized there were more than I thought there would be. Since this is a memoir, I of course am the protagonist. In addition, I think the final count will be somewhere around forty. 

Dining room: popular with guests
I began the list  mostly with people who worked for me: housekeepers, chefs, maintenance people, gardeners, etc. I then included other innkeeper/colleagues and friends. Finally, I spent most of my time writing about the guests who came to stay in my inn and the interactions between me and them.

Favorite guest Room: Katharine's Rm
Guests, of course, had their own rooms and were welcome in the parlor, dining room, deck, and garden. The housekeepers spent most of their time in the guestrooms cleaning and tidying up the rest of the inn. Some also worked in the kitchen, as did the chefs. Maintenance took care of the whole house, and gardeners the deck, gardens, and lawns.

We were pretty busy most of the time so there was always a steady
Deck with herb gardens in pots
stream of people coming in and out of our doors, front and back,

both paying guests and workers.

I did not present this list of characters in order of appearance, as you might suspect. Rather, I've included the ones who were with me the longest or who made an impression on me (good or bad) one way or the other. I probably won"t print them all here.

Since my book is a memoir, all of the characters are real people not made up, although I've changed their names and used images that are very much like them, but are not the real people.

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