Monday, February 6, 2017


#6 Tom(maintenance man/contractor)

Tom was my maintenance man for nearly twenty years. He lived in the neighborhood and knew all about the innards of the historic mansions in Old Louisville, mine being one of them. He was around
Tom: My super maintenance man
sixty years old, friendly, fairly dependable, very smart, and talented. He could unstop your sink, repair the sheet-rock on your kitchen ceiling, and build a door or a shed, or anything else you needed.  He was also funny, charismatic, and very cute.

Tom had a farm in North Dakota, where he was born and where he lived the early part of his life. He had been married three times and moved to Old Louisville with his last wife, from whom he is now divorced. He continually flirted with women, including myself, and was convinced most would find him attractive, which they did. He and I got along well and we would sometimes spend hours gabbing about almost everything.

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